Roboplate Automatic Number Plate Recognition
(ANPR) CCTV & Software Solutions

Standalone ANPR CCTV Cameras
No Software or NVR Required


White List Match Triggers Built-In Relay

White List Match Triggers Built-In Relay

Black List Match Keeps Relay Closed

Black List Match Keeps Relay Closed

Email Notification of
White or Black List Matches

Email Notification of White or Black List Matches

NETsend Controls over a LAN

NETsend Controls over a LAN

... and much, much more

Alarm Output

Roboplate cameras have a built in 3.3V TTL output relay to control compatible 3rd party devices. Great for traffic control applications.

Audio Output

Upload messages directly to the camera for playing on detection of a list match.

RS485 Output

Send RS485 commands to devices such as a PTZ camera or the MP3 message player VoiceOFF.

Email Alerts

Receive an email notification with image to your phone or desktop on a successful database match.

SD Card Storage

For easy storage and management of your list and data results.

FTP Upload

RoboPlate free FTP upload software lets you save all your ANPR matches to the cloud.

Camera Features

Features of the RoboPlate Eyeball Camera Features of the RoboPlate Bullet Camera

Ideal Camera Positioning (Vertical)

Best results are achieved when camera viewing angles are as small as possible (under 30°) horizontally or vertically. Beyond this other factors quickly come into play such as poor light, dirty number plates etc.

Horizontal Camera Angle

Ideal Camera Positioning (Horizontal)

Ideally for best results you will want to capture the vehicle head on. You'll need to bear this in mind if the approach to site is usually by a hard right or left turn. If this is the case ask the client to consider creating a funnel or speed inhibitor to create a more effective scenario.

Vertical Camera Angle

Technical Specification

  • Resolution 2MP (1920 x 1080)
  • Built-in White/Grey/Black lists
  • Compression H.264 \ H.264
  • Day/Night Function Mechanical
  • (True Day/Night)
  • IR Illuminator Built-in
  • RJ45/Ethernet Socket
  • 3.3V TTL Built-in Alarm Outputs 1 (Screw Terminal)
  • 1 Audio Input (Screw Terminal)
  • 1 Audio Output (3.5mm Audio Socket)
  • Network Connection NetSend LAN Triggers
  • ONVIF Compatible
  • Protocols: TCP/IP, HTTP, DHCP, DNS, DDNS
  • User Logins 5 Max (Simultaneous)
  • RS485 Output Screw Terminals
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Dual Voltage 12V DC / PoE (48V)
  • Consumption 500mA
  • IP66 for External Use

A Great British CCTV Brand

A Great British CCTV Brand.